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COVID-19 Response Projects

In the new reality of remote learning and social distancing, supporting home learning environments and helping children in low-income areas keep up their reading skills is more critical than ever. Page Ahead is responding to these needs, and we thank everyone who is working with us to help connect kids with books during this difficult time.  

The Book Oasis Project

Many of Seattle's children live in "book deserts," and they're thirsty for something to read. Let's build them an oasis.

Build and maintain Little Free Libraries (with children's books added on an ongoing basis by Page Ahead) in neighborhoods where there are currently no or few affordable/free book-access options available.

It's been well-documented that children in low-income households hear fewer words spoken in the home than children in wealthy households do, and that this "word gap" creates disparities in vocabulary development. But perhaps even more importantly, poor children see fewer words than well-off kids.  

This "print gap" exists not only because poor families can't always afford to buy books, but also because they tend to live in book deserts: areas with fewer bookstores, libraries, or other affordable book access points. And the fewer books young children see prior to enrolling in school, the less prepared they are to learn once they get there. This trend continues once kids are in school, as kids living in book deserts fall behind further each summer, while schools are closed.

With your help, we can take a step toward closing that gap by providing 24/7 free book access to kids in need in Seattle, one Little Free Library at a time. Because every desert needs an oasis.



Map of our little free libraries:


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Story Videos

We are happy to announce new shared reading videos coming this fall!
Page Ahead will be providing weekly "Story Time with Friends" videos with a chat feature for students and teachers to interact with the readers. The videos will be filmed by our staff at our Seattle office (all socially distanced, of course). SUBSCRIBE to our channel to view all of our story videos!

Crafts made by Page Ahead volunteers (off-site) will be mailed to participating schools to distribute to their students via meal pick-up locations. Each craft packet contains contents for the student to create a piece of art that relates to the story theme of the week, further engaging them with the book and content of the story.

Page Ahead will also be filming videos of trained story tellers reading the books for our Story Leaders preschool program. Each video will be geared to help families of preschool-age children in our program learn unique and fun techniques to use when reading with their children.

It is thanks to the continuing support of our donors that we have been able to pivot our programs like this to serve our schools and their students even when they can't be together in person—and when they may need reading support more than ever. Thank you for making that possible!