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There are several ways that Page Ahead measures the results of its book distribution, family involvement, and community partnership programs. Using hard and soft data, Page Ahead constantly evaluates results to ensure that programs are efficient and effective.


Every year data is collected from all Page Ahead program sites to determine whether children show a heightened interest in reading, involve their parents in reading activities at home, borrow more books from the library, and show improved vocabulary and writing skills. In addition, Page Ahead monitors trends in reading and writing abilities among students across the State.

Book Up Summer Evaluation

Data from participating schools' standardized tests shows Page Ahead's Book Up Summer program reduced summer reading loss:


Anecdotal evidence also helps us to determine the results of our work.

Why Summer Reading?

What if every child had access to books all summer?

Every summer, while students from affluent families make progress on their reading skills, students from low-income families actually lose ground. One study found that low-income children fell about 2.5 months behind more advantaged students during the summer months between kindergarten and first grade. Multiply this trend by 12 years of school, and students from low-income families finish high school several years behind – if they finish at all.

But that doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Arresting summer learning loss can be as simple as getting young students to read during the summer. Simply by reading fun picture and chapter books, students maintain their reading skills during the summer months, and return to school in the fall ready to learn.

Book Up Summer increases young students’ access to reading material during the summer months by giving them their choice of new books at the end of the school year. By maintaining their reading skills over vacation, students avoid summer learning loss and return to school in the fall on an equal footing with their more affluent peers.

Successfully preventing summer learning loss doesn’t have to be a costly, intensive intervention. Book Up Summer is an effective, cost-efficient, and proven method to help students from low-income families avoid the pitfall of summer slide. Book Up Summer costs far less than sending these same students to summer school, is more successful, and accessible to more children – rural and urban.

Are you interested in bringing Book Up Summer to your school? Contact us to learn more about this process. Make a gift to support summer reading today!