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Host a Book Drive for Page Ahead

"Thank you for "El Tulipan Alcoiris." I like that book because it has butyful picters and I hope I lean Spanish. That book reminds me of my sissters in Mexico. That book is what I dreamed of. It maks me so happy."
« Olivia, Nespelem Elementary »

How To

You can download our manual, "How to Host a Book Drive for Page Ahead".

Our Book Wish List

Do you want to donate a book but don't know which one? Our book wish list is a list of favorites.

A "Book Case" Study

My bar mitzvah was a special time for me, so I figured it should also benefit someone else. I've always loved reading. Although I considered some other charities, I chose Page Ahead because I felt it's most valuable to teach someone how to read so that they can do for themselves. The book drive was easy, and people were willing to donate. It wasn't difficult to convince people about the value of books and knowledge. I'm going to host another book drive soon. Jake Rubin, 14-year-old student

New Books Only, Please

Why a new book? Because Page Ahead serves children who receive free lunches, live in subsidized housing, receive English language tutoring, or read below grade level, a new book is a gift chosen, kept, and treasured. A new book tells a child, "You are valuable." A new book feels good in the hands. A new book is a prized possession. Children are more likely to learn about responsibility if they find value in their possessions. A new book encourages reading and heightens a sense of anticipation about receiving another book.

Concerning the quality of the new books provided by Page Ahead, teachers have observed:

"Our kids are always excited to get a book of their very own. They often have a difficult time realizing they get to keep the books." Bethel Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program
"I should take a video recording of the excitement and enthusiasm on book distribution day. It is incredible, and it never gets old!" Larson Heights Elementary
"Children and parents are very excited about getting books to keep. Children often bring their books back to school to be read at story times." Franklin Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program
"Page Ahead provides children with something they treasure and parents with something they couldn't afford." Shelton Even Start
"Page Ahead gives kids a sense of pride in owning a new book. Sometimes they carry the book around for days reading it to anyone who will listen. They say to everyone, 'Listen to me read!'" Metropolitan Development Council Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program
"All our children have at least three new books to read, re-read, cherish, and share with family and friends. Our literacy gains are slow but steady. And we know that Page Ahead is a big part of our success." Cedar Valley Community School


Contact us with questions. We're happy to help organize your book drive.